Master of Engineering - Aerospace

The aerospace industry is strongly established in Quebec. Representatives of the aerospace industry therefore requested that measures be taken to provide for qualified scientists in aerospace. Five universities offering courses in engineering came together to offer a Master's degree program in the field of aeronautics and space technology. This program is offered to students who wish to specialize in these disciplines. The industry's participation is a special feature of this program.

The universities and the participating industries, with the cooperation of Centre for Aerospace Manpower Activities in Quebec, (CAMAQ) have formed a Coordinating Committee, CIMGAS, to arrange for industrial internship and case study courses for the students and to implement specific program developments to meet the needs of the industry.

The length of study for full-time students is approximately eighteen (18) months for any of the Master's degree options. The time limit to complete a Master's degree is 3 years (full time) and 5 years part time. The M.Sc. program is only available on a full-time basis.

Master of Engineering - Aerospace is a course program requiring a minimum of 45 credits, including an "Industrial Stage" (engineering work in an aerospace industry) of four months. Enrolment is limited to the number of industrial stages available, so admissions are typically quite competitive. While intended to be a full-time program, the Master of Engineering - Aerospace may be completed on a part-time basis.


In the case of all Master's programs, applicants must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, or the equivalent, with a minimum CGPA equivalent to 3.3 on a scale of 4.0. Satisfaction of these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Applicants to the Master of Engineering - Aerospace program must hold an undergraduate engineering degree (or equivalent). In addition, applicants should be fluent in French at the time of application, to allow them to undertake their Industrial Stage.

Program Requirements (minimum 45 credits)

The Master of Engineering - Aerospace degree is offered to students who wish to specialize in the general area of aerospace engineering. This degree is given in conjunction with Concordia University, École Polytechnique, Université Laval,  École de Technologie Supérieure and Université de Sherbrooke. Students registered at McGill are required to take two courses from two other institutions.

Depending on their background, students would specialize in one of the three areas: (i) Aeronautics and Space Engineering; (ii) Structures and Materials; and (iii) Avionics and Control.

The degree requires the successful completion of:

  • A minimum of 12 credits in core or preparatory courses, which depend on the chosen area of specialization.
  • MECH 687 Aerospace Case Studies 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

    or equivalent
  • MECH 688 Industrial Stage 6 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • A minimum of two advanced courses taken at two other participating universities.
  • The remaining advanced courses to be selected, in consultation with an Aerospace Engineering advisor, depending on the chosen area of specialization. The list of approved advanced courses is included in the program document.

The Program

The Master of Engineering - Aerospace program is available at each of the collaborating universities listed below. The admission requirements and academic performance standards are governed by regulations of the respective universities. The regulations governing the McGill program are detailed in our program document. Industry-supported internships and case study courses are special features of the program.


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