Graduate Studies FAQs

I’ve graduated from an international school where English is the medium of instruction. Do I still need to submit TOEFL/IELTS?

There is no need to submit English Proficiency scores if you have graduated from an English speaking university; our department does, however, request that you submit official documentation of the medium of instruction from your university.

I haven’t yet graduated from my current program, can I still apply?

You may apply to be in Mechanical Engineering while completing your current degree. In order to begin your program at McGill University, however, our department requires official documentation of your graduation (this means that in order to begin our Masters program, you must have completed your Bachelor degree or for the Ph.D. program, a completed Masters degree). Should you wish to work on two degrees concurrently, you must be in touch directly with the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Coordinator.

Should I seek out a supervisor before applying?

For our Masters-Thesis and Ph.D. programs, we recommend that you look into potential advisors and contact them during the application process. You can see the various offered research fields – and the McGill professors who work on those fields – on our website:

If I list certain professors as my preferred supervisor will the other professors in the department still be able to review my file?

Listing your preferred supervisor does not limit the number of professors who are able to review your file. Additionally, it is possible to list multiple preferred supervisors on the online application form.

What’s the duration of the Masters and PhD programs?

For any of the Masters degree options, the length of study for full-time students is approximately eighteen (18) months. The time limit to complete a Master's degree is 3 years (full time) and 5 years part time. For the Ph.D. program, the minimum is two years study beyond the M.Eng. degree. The exact duration of this program is dependent on the nature of the research project and the capabilities of the candidate. In most cases, students enter the PhD program as a PhD 2 and complete their residency the following year (as a PhD 3). The time limit to complete your full PhD program is 4 years beyond this residency.

I want to apply for two programs. Do I need to complete two applications?

You may apply for up to two programs on a single online application; should you wish to apply for additional programs, please be in touch with the Graduate Mechanical Engineering Coordinator directly.

I don’t meet the minimum requirements but I still want to apply. What should I do?

Your likelihood of acceptance depends on what aspect of your application is deficient; if your GPA is too low, we recommend that you contact your preferred supervisors directly to discuss your options (work experience, etc.). If your TOEFL and IELTS scores are low, on the other hand, there is no option but to retake the test. You may refer to this webpage for additional information on English Proficiency minimums.

What are professors looking for when they review my file?

When reviewing applicant files, Mechanical Engineering professors consider university grades, extracurricular activities, and previous work experience. Ultimately, our department is looking for well-rounded students to join the Mechanical Engineering team

What types of costs will I incur living and studying in Quebec?

Please refer to the following website for detailed financial information:

Are GRE scores required?

The Mechanical Engineering Department does not require GRE scores.





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