Photoemission yield spectroscopy in air: Riken AC-2

Contact: violeta.toader [at] (Violeta Toader) - Location: PP21

For usage and training information, please contact violeta.toader [at] (Violeta Toader).

The Riken AC-2 PYSA has an open air system that can determine the Work Function (WF) and the Ionization Potential (IPs) for a variety of material types such as organic materials, semiconductors, and metals. Samples can be in multiple forms, including thin films, powders, and liquids.


  • Atmospheric‐pressure operation
  • High‐precision measurement for counting photoelectrons one by one
  • Noncontact and damage‐less measurement
  • Ease of operation, measurable in a short time (about 5 min)
  • Measures thickness of thin film and lubricating film
  • Measures density of states in the vicinity of band gap


  • OELD, OTFT, Organic film solar cell
  • Photocatalyst
  • Carbon nano tube, fullerene
  • Carbon thin film, diamond thin film
  • Cosmetics, nostrum, pharmaceutical products
  • OPC
  • Electrode, lead frame, silicon wafer, compound semiconductor wafer
  • Metals for dlectrodes 


  • Electron detector:open counter
  • Photoelectron measurement energy scanning range: 3.4 eV to 6.2 eV (364 nm to 200 nm)
  • Light intensity measurement energy scanning range 3.4 eV to 6.2 eV (364 nm to 200 nm)
  • Repeatability (standard deviation) Work function 0.02 eV (sample: metal plate)
  • Measurement time: ca. 5 minutes for a work function measurement
  • Maximum count rate: 2,000 CPS (counts per second)
  • Maximum sample size: 50 mm × 50 mm
  • Maximum sample thickness: 10 mm, 1‐point measurement
  • Operating temperature / humidity range: 15°C to 35°C, 20% to 60% RH
  • Measurement location: sample center
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