Policy Lab 2021

A capstone element of our MPP program is the Policy Lab. As part of the Lab, sponsors were selected across government departments, corporations, and NGOs to provide a specific policy challenge.

This year, our MPP students worked in teams to tackle housing discrimination, educational gender inequality, the social acceptability of drones, and more.

Read the executive summaries, watch the presentations, and download the full reports below.

Addressing Educational Gender Inequality Through Tech-Ed Solutions in Sierra Leone

28 Jul 2021

How can stakeholders in developing countries leverage innovative technologies to ensure equal access to quality education in remote communities?

Promoting Competition in Property & Casualty Insurance

28 Jul 2021

How can we reduce switching costs for insurance consumers in Canada?

Strategies to Improve the Social Acceptability of Drones

27 Jul 2021

Drones are quickly becoming a part of our lives. What can be done to address barriers to their social acceptability?


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