A tale of two bread lines: Rising inflation in a Canadian context

4 Apr 2023

The 2023 Jack Layton Prize for a Better Canada-winning essay by Jimy Beltran and Abigail Jackson outlines critical actions we could take to fight inflation.

Fiscal Prudence Means Making Difficult Decisions – Is the Federal Government Up to the Task?

1 Feb 2023

Chris Ragan's suggestion for federal finance minister Chrystia Freeland is simple: Budget 2023 should contain a full chapter devoted to some of the fiscal challenges in our future, and why these...

Protecting Civilians From Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas: A New Political Declaration

23 Jan 2023

Simon Bagshaw evaluates the new political declaration, established in Geneva on June 17, 2022, that sets new and express standards for the protection of civilians from the use of explosive weapons.

Modern America Looks Nothing Like Dad Would Recognize

23 Jan 2023

David M. Shribman critiques the current political environment of the United States in the form of a letter he writes to his late father.

Sue Gardner: Bill C-18 is Bad for Journalism and Bad for Canada

12 Oct 2022

C-18 misdiagnoses the problem as "news publishers aren't getting their fair share of ad revenues." The real problem is more like "we need to find new sustaining business models for the news...

Interac, McGill’s Policy Lab announce sponsorship to solve real-world public policy challenges

21 Sep 2022

Interac sponsorship of McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy to support the School’s Policy Lab and MAX Policy essay series

Chris Ragan: Why politics and central banking shouldn't mix

31 May 2022

Politicizing monetary policy may be expedient for politicians, but it's dangerous for Canada's economy.



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