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McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy aims to be at the forefront of public policy teaching and research. The School welcomed its first cohort of Master of Public Policy (MPP) students in 2019. Our curriculum combines the dynamism of a young program with the knowledge of experienced public policy scholars to create a rigorous, year-long learning experience.

At the Max Bell School of Public Policy, graduates pursue careers in all of levels of government, crown corporations, NGO/NPOs, and private corporate and technology sectors. The stringent academic foundation that they gain in MPP coursework complements practical workshops, applied policy experiences, policy news briefs, and mentorship, making Max Bell graduates well-rounded policy professionals who are desirable to a wide range of employers.

Centrally located in downtown Montreal, the Max Bell School of Public Policy offers easy access to municipal and provincial government offices, and the federal agencies of Ottawa are just a few hours away.

Our students come from a wide range of countries, bringing with them an impressive array of achievements. The typical MPP student has several years of practical work experience prior to joining the program.

How we work with employers

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) provides organizations with many ways to recruit MPP students at the Max Bell School of Public Policy including customized job postings distribution options, information sessions, Interviews, participating in recruitment events, and being a guest speaker.

Job Postings

Our Career Services staff will work with you to create a customized job posting and distribution to qualified MPP students and alumni.

Otherwise, if you would like to post a position available to all McGill students, please visit myFuture.

Resume Books

Discover future policy leaders by requesting a Resume Book of our MPP students, and alumni. Resume Books are custom assembled and can include students as well as alumni.

Virtual Information Sessions. 

Give students an opportunity to know your company in greater depth! By holding a virtual information session you can connect with students anywhere, it is your chance to highlight your company and let students know about your workplace culture, job opportunities and typical career paths. It is also an opportunity to network with students and answer their questions about your organization.

Your session can be an informal networking session or a more structured webinar presentation.

If your organization is interested in holding a virtual Information session, Career Services will work with you to set a date that works well within student schedules; organize the technology logistics and promote the event to students.

Scheduling Interviews

Once you have selected the applicants that you would like to interview, Career Services is available to assist you with scheduling the interviews with the students.

Max Bell Professional Days

The Max Bell School of Public Policy holds professional days that includes a spotlight on employer session, career panel, skills workshops, and a networking event. This is an opportunity for employers to create visibility with students, promote job opportunities and meet new talent.

Max Bell Career Fair

The Max Bell School of Public Policy holds a career fair for graduate level students. This is an opportunity for employers to create visibility with students, promote job opportunities and meet new talent.

Connect with Students

Guest Workshop Facilitator

Employers can connect with students by speaking on topics such as industry trends, current issues, career preparedness, and policy in practice is an effective way to combine recruitment with increasing your organization’s visibility on-campus.

Guest HR Professionals

Employers can help students improve their interview skills by conducting mock interviews and providing feedback on how to improve.

Become a Mentor

At Max Bell, students have access to two distinct mentoring programs.

The primary mentorship program allows senior-level professionals in relevant fields to mentor an MPP student throughout the 11 months of the program. Mentors help MPP students develop career management skills and provide firsthand insight into their industry. This provides an opportunity for mentors to gain a new perspective on their work and strengthen their leadership skills.

The micro-mentoring program provides students access to one-time mentoring sessions with entry-level to mid-level professionals in relevant fields. Micro-mentoring sessions allow students to quickly find information that they need or learn a new skill from a specialist. This type of short-term mentoring offers mentors a good deal of flexibility and requires no long-term commitment. It also allows mentors to sharpen skills in which they specialize and connect with multiple students.

CACEE Ethical Recruitment Guidelines

In order to ensure that the Career Services provides the best possible experience to students and employers, you are encouraged to follow the Ethical Recruitment Guidelines as set forth by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).

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Career services can help you with your talent acquisition needs, job postings, scheduling virtual information sessions, arranging interviews, being a guest workshop facilitator, becoming a mentor, and more.


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