Leading Through the Policy Minefields

Paul Martin and Rachel Notley joined Max Bell School Director Chris Ragan for the last panel of Better Policy for a Better World

Political leadership has always required a careful reading of the landscape, a judgement of the opportunities, and a clear vision of the path forward. The last panel of Better Policy for a Better World featured former Prime Minister Paul Martin and former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley sharing their perspectives on navigating the policy minefields they have encountered. 

Watch their insights below:

More about the Panelists

Paul MartinPaul Martin 

21st Prime Minister of Canada

Paul Martin continues to contribute on the international arena through a variety of initiatives such as Incentives for Global Health, the not-for-profit behind the Health Impact Fund, where he serves as a member of the Advisory Board. He also sits as an advisor to Canada's Ecofiscal Commission.

Rachel NotleyRachel Notley 

Leader, Alberta New Democratic Party
Formerly: Premier of Alberta from 2015 to 2019

Rachel is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Edmonton-Strathcona, and leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party. She was a lawyer before entering politics, focusing on labour law, with a specialty in workers' compensation advocacy and workplace health and safety issues.

Chris Ragan 

Economics professor and Director, Max Bell School of Public Policy; Chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission

Chris was a member of Finance Minister’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, former Special Advisor to the Governor of the Bank of Canada, and also former Clifford Clark Visiting Economist at Finance Canada.


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