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Learning policy implementation in Ottawa

20 Dec 2023

In our annual field trip to Ottawa, the MPP students learned directly from policymakers.

Policy Evaluation in the Era of COVID-19 

13 Dec 2023

In examining the role of evaluators in the face of crises like COVID-19, what themes emerge?

Andrew Leach lectures on climate change myths

12 Dec 2023

The 2023 McGill Max Bell Lectures took energy transition conversations to Ottawa, Calgary, and Montréal.

Conversations with the Nordic Ambassadors

12 Dec 2023

The Max Bell School was happy to welcome back Ambassadors to Canada from the Nordic countries for a second year.

The Energy Transition We Need | Watch the Videos

8 May 2023

The first annual Ecofiscal conference hosted by the Max Bell School of Public Policy highlighted some of the biggest policy challenges Canada faces in the years ahead as it determines its path...

Video | Should Canadians Worry About Inflation?

4 May 2023

On March 21, 2023, the Max Bell School Should Canadians Worry About Inflation? Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?, a panel event that brought together top economists to discuss the rising costs of...

Power, Policy and Queerness: Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Policymaking Can Do Better

8 Feb 2023

MPP Prodpran Wangcherdchuwong reflects on a need for academic communities and policy practitioners to enhance discourse after the "Power, Policy and Queerness" panel hosted by PPAGS.

The nation’s policy makers showed me what it takes to tackle complex problems

16 Jan 2023

MPP alumni Raúl Scorza Figueroa reflects on his trip to Ottawa to learn about the policy making process.



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