Introducing our Fourth MPP Cohort

We're looking forward to welcoming the members of our fourth MPP cohort to campus. Read on to meet a few of them and learn about the paths and passions that brought them to McGill.

With orientation week just around the corner, the Max Bell School is looking forward to welcoming 38 accomplished individuals representing 19 countries to our 2022-23 MPP program, continuing our trend of having the largest class to date.

This new cohort brings a rich diversity of academic backgrounds, interests, and experiences. A third of the students hold advanced degrees in fields that span from biochemistry to urban studies to mathematics. The class also draws from a broad range of professional domains, encompassing areas such as international development, central banking, and journalism, to name a few.

“The calibre of our incoming cohort of students is outstanding,” said Chris Ragan, Director of the Max Bell School. “Over the year ahead, I’m looking forward to watching these students develop their policy analysis and development skills through active participation in our MPP program’s courses, Case Studies, Complexity Seminars, and Policy Lab.”

A range of experiences and interests

The diversity of our students’ backgrounds is a big part of what makes our MPP program so dynamic. And while their experiences may be highly varied, the students share the goal of tackling the most pressing and complex policy problems of our time.

Sandrine Desforges holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology and enters the MPP program as a McCall MacBain Scholar. “I believe that our society is facing a mental health crisis,” said Desforges. “Ultimately, my aim is to better incorporate mental health and well-being in decision-making and policy-making.”

Germán Arango Ibarra, a Colombian political scientist with experience in corporate affairs strategy and policy research, is joining the Max Bell School MPP program with the aim of learning how regulatory frameworks can better enhance competition. Further, Arango hopes to develop strategies for aligning public and private interests in developing countries towards compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Hayley Krieger is a cooperative master’s candidate in the Max Bell School’s joint degree program with Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). “I’m motivated by combining my interest in international relations with public policy,” explained Krieger. “I want to better address the complexity of international conflict through policy-based solutions.”

Why choose the Max Bell School MPP?

The varied components of the MPP program ensure that our students become equipped with both the applied and the theoretical knowledge crucial for navigating the real world of public policy. From the Core Policy Courses and Complexity Seminars led by our stellar faculty, to the hands-on experience enabled by the Policy Lab, the Max Bell School will give these MPPs the tools and resources they need to forge meaningful careers.

Lin Frazer, who completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in International Development and Globalization (Co-Op) at the University of Ottawa, is interested in drawing connections between academic course material and professional, real-world settings. “Because of this, I was drawn to the Max Bell School’s unique and innovative program design and the curriculum's rigorous, practical nature,” Frazer told us.

Originally from Bangladesh, Aftab Ahmed is a banking professional with an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto. Further, he has published over 100 articles in two prominent Bangladeshi media outlets and continues to be a regular columnist on key policy issues. “I want to leverage the skills, tools, and networks at the Max Bell School to develop into a more effective communicator of public policy issues that matter to me,” explained Ahmed.

To learn more about our incoming students, check out their online profiles, where you’ll see their work and educational experiences to date. In addition, follow the Max Bell School on social media to hear more about the students’ objectives for the year ahead, and beyond.

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