Fall coursework at Max Bell: one MPP's review

27 Feb 2024

Ian Lupton, 23/24 MPP, shares his thoughts on the fall coursework at Max Bell.

Learning policy implementation in Ottawa

20 Dec 2023

In our annual field trip to Ottawa, the MPP students learned directly from policymakers.

Why democracy in Bangladesh is worth it

26 Oct 2023

Meet Aftab Ahmed, a 2023 MPP alumnus and opinion columnist with over 100 published articles about the state of Bangladesh's fragile democracy.

Introducing our Fifth MPP Cohort

14 Aug 2023

Meet the 2023-2024 cohort of MPP candidates.

Policy Lab 2023: MPP Candidates Tackle Real-World Problems

20 Jun 2023

This year students are tackling policy problems spanning from Canada's dairy supply management to digital privacy and inclusion to the social policy implications of a less-cash society.

Power, Policy and Queerness: Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Policymaking Can Do Better

8 Feb 2023

MPP Prodpran Wangcherdchuwong reflects on a need for academic communities and policy practitioners to enhance discourse after the "Power, Policy and Queerness" panel hosted by PPAGS.

The nation’s policy makers showed me what it takes to tackle complex problems

16 Jan 2023

MPP alumni Raúl Scorza Figueroa reflects on his trip to Ottawa to learn about the policy making process.

Reflections from the Hill

16 Jan 2023

The partisan divide on Parliament Hill is a cause for concern, but hope remains to bridge the gap, writes MPP Linda Bùi.

Shaping the Arc of History Through Policy

16 Jan 2023

MPP Aftab Ahmed learns what it means for policy makers to provide "fearless advice and loyal implementation” on Parliament Hill.



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