Math and stats discussion groups, one on equity and one on pedagogy

18 Sep 2023 03:00
6 Dec 2023 03:00

Equity discussion group

What: weekly 1h meetings on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in the mathematical sciences and related fields. Typically, someone does a short informal presentation, followed by discussion.

Who: anyone interested (faculty, grad or undergrad students, postdocs etc)

Where and when: Wednesdays 3:05pm-3:55pm in BURN 1234 (first meeting on Sept 20).

Gabor Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra)

22 Sep 2023 10:00

Title: Increasing paths in random temporal graphs

Elizabeth Collins-Woodfin (McGill)

25 Sep 2023 16:00


High dimensional limit of streaming SGD for generalized linear models


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