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Shoja Chenouri

21 Jan 2022 15:30
Title: Change-point analysis for complex data structures



The change-point analysis is more than sixty years old. Over this long period, it has been an important subject of interest in many scientific disciplines such as finance and econometrics, bioinformatics and genomics, climatology, engineering, and technology.

Gary Bader, University of Toronto

25 Jan 2022 12:00

Title: How is cell diversity generated during development?

Yuan Miao, University of Amsterdam

25 Jan 2022 15:30

Title: Floquet Baxterisation: from quantum Floquet dynamics to integrable vertex models.

Garrett Hellenthal, PhD, University College London

26 Jan 2022 15:30

Title: Inferring signatures of intermixing and adaptation in human populations using genetic variation data

Marion Jeannin, Université Lyon 1

27 Jan 2022 13:00

Title: Semistability of G-torsors and integration questions in characteristic p>0

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