Valentino Tosatti (McGill University)


TITLE : K3 surfaces: geometry and dynamics

K3 surfaces are a class of compact complex manifolds that enjoys many special properties and play an important role in several areas of mathematics. In this colloquium I will discuss a new interplay between complex geometry and analysis on K3 surfaces equipped with their Calabi-Yau metrics, and dynamics of holomorphic diffeomorphisms of these surfaces, that Simion Filip and I have been investigating recently.

This conference will be held in hybrid mode with a limited number of 21 participants on site. To reserve your place by first come, first serve, please use the link below.

ON-SITE : CRM - Pavillon André Aisenstadt: Salle/ Room 5340

Vaccination passport and ID will be required



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ID de réunion : 939 8331 3215
Code secret : 096952

Responsable(s) :
Jacques Hurtubise (jacques.hurtubise [at]
Jessica Lin (jessica.lin [at]


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