Student Testimonials



James McGoff, U3

Boeing Defense, Space and Security
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

During my co-op, I used finite element analysis (FEA) to model a wheels-up landing of a Boeing 787. The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) requires this analysis to ensure survivability in the event that an aircraft is unable to deploy landing gear. It was challenging work, but also made me feel great because I knew it was useful to the company at the end of the day. The team I was with was incredibly supportive throughout the entire experience.

Luo, Zhong Yuan U3

Bombardier Aerospace
Ville St. Laurent, QC

I liked the unique hands-on experience associated with my co-op work term.   During my coop work term at Bombardier Aerospace, I was in charge of carrying out various tests on aircraft components to ensure the quality and performance of materials used. The most enjoyable part of my job was the fact that I gathered a lot of knowledge that was not taught in class. I liked the unique hands-on experience associated with my co-op work term.

Leila Farahdel, U2

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium
Sorel-Tracy, Quebec

During my work term, I was in charge of running an industrial campaign which consisted of designing and executing field experiments. The results were then analyzed and compared to numerical simulations in order to improve on the current process. I truly enjoyed the passion and commitment that my co-workers brought to the table. Working at Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium allowed me to enhance both my soft and hard skills in a dynamic and interesting environment.

Lillian Ng, U3

Rio Tinto - Iron Ore Company of Canada
Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador

I had the pleasure of working amongst very friendly and helpful engineers, operators, and technologists in the Process Engineering department of the Concentrator. As a co-op student there, I had the chance to contribute with actual deliverables by creating my very own model to predict the spiral plant's weight yield and by setting the foundation of the AG mill liner redesign project with Rio Tinto colleagues in Australia. Not only did I learn much more on the job than I had hoped, I also made amazing friends (the other co-op students) from all over Canada (literally, from Vancouver to St John's) with whom I still keep in touch.


Andrew Walker, U3

Xstrata Zinc, Brunswick Mine
Bathurst, New Brunswick

I got to experience the mineral processing industry at a well-established operation (operating for 50 years!). I had a chance to run my own project, do my own test work, and provide recommendations based on my results. It taught me a lot about time management and communication. Overall it was a great opportunity to experience the industrial world and see how my education will be applied in the field.

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