McGill Materials Engineering is a dynamic and vibrant place for you to pursue your graduate studies.

Strong Reputation

Worldwide, according to U.S. News and World Report, McGill University is ranked #18 and according to the Times Higher Education, #31. The Materials Engineering Department at McGill has an excellent reputation and our students come from all over the world.

Materials Engineering is a dynamic and vibrant place for you to pursue your graduate studies.

Strong Community

The graduate student in Materials Engineering form a cohesive unit. There are activities year round to bring the community together and there is a graduate student government which holds events to bring the community together. The department fields a softball team during the summer, two hockey teams, inner-tube water polo and play soccer regularly.

Broad Research

Materials Engineering conducts research over the whole materials cycle from mineral processing and extraction, to advanced materials (including nano- and bio-materials), and materials recycling. As a graduate student, though you will focus on a defined topic, you will be exposed to all of these fields.


The department has a strong commitment to supporting graduate students. Nearly all, of our Ph.D. students have funding usually from: external scholarships and fellowships, MEDA, or a professor’s grant. This funding is sufficient to cover their living expenses. In addition, many Masters students receive funding as well.

Check out funding opportunities for Graduate Studies. Canadian Government’s commitment to research and development revealed an (2013 Federal Budget) increase investment to support the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can learn how to apply their specialized expertise to business research challenges through Mitacs.

Good Job Prospects

Materials Graduate students have good job opportunities. All of our professors have industrial connections which can help you land a good job. In addition, many projects have industrial collaborators which will give you exposure to possible future employers.

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