Nathaniel Quitoriano

Associate Professor
Nathaniel Quitoriano
Contact Information
Wong Building, Rm 2620
Email address: 
nate.quitoriano [at]

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
B.Sc. University of California, Berkeley, CA

Research areas: 
Energy, Electronic, and Environmental Materials
Materials Characterization
Current research: 

Prof. Quitoriano works to enable increased functionality on the Si platform. Si is the dominant platform for electronic devices but has limitations on light production and sensing. Some of these limitations are due to the quality and types of materials which can be integrated with Si and Prof. Quitoriano works towards overcoming these limitations by developing novel semiconductor growth techniques to enable high-quality lattice-mismatched materials on Si. Another way that Prof. Quitoriano works toward increasing the functionality of the Si platform is by developing optical/photonic devices on the Si platform. With further advances, Prof. Quitoriano hopes to make sensors more ubiquitous to improve our lives.

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