Kirk H. Bevan

Associate Professor
Kirk H. Bevan
Contact Information
Wong Building, Rm 2560
Email address: 
kirk.bevan [at]

Ph.D. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana



Research areas: 
Computational Materials Engineering
Energy, Electronic, and Environmental Materials
Current research: 

The Bevan Research Group explores nanoscale materials and devices via “technology computer aided design” (TCAD) to develop next-generation energy, computing, and sensing technologies. The ultimate goal of this research is to drive the discovery of new technologies through “electronic design automation” (EDA). Through the application and development of advanced theoretical and machine learning methods, group members research materials problems limiting development of the aforementioned technological fields. Recent, ongoing, and previous research applications include: next-generation batteries, photo-electrolysis, supercapacitors, semiconductor devices, oxide electronics, molecular devices, CO2 reduction, electrocatalysis, and advanced materials synthesis/growth. These efforts are rooted in the exploration of materials from their fundamental governing principles (e.g., quantum), whereby material properties are tailored through atomic-scale and nano-scale modeling methods. Research is often conducted in close collaboration with experimental groups to enable the rapid discovery of new materials & devices for energy, electronic, and sensing applications.

PDF icon PhD Openings (2) - Li-ion battery materials

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