George Demopoulos

Academic title(s): 

Gerald G. Hatch Chair in Mining & Metallurgical Engineering

George Demopoulos
Contact Information
Wong Building, Rm 2120
Email address: 
george.demopoulos [at]

PhD McGill University
MSc McGill University
DiplEng National Technical University of Athens

Research areas: 
Energy, Electronic, and Environmental Materials
Materials Process Engineering and Design
Mineral processing and extractive metallurgy
Current research: 

Professor Demopoulos’ HydroMET research is focusing on sustainable solution processing of inorganic materials spanning from development of clean hydrometallurgical technologies to advanced materials for green energy & environmental applications. Our research centers on aqueous synthesis, crystallization, deposition, and electrochemical evaluation from immobilized hazardous materials to functional nanomaterials such as photocatalysts, Li-ion battery (LIB) electrodes, and nanostructured photovoltaic (PV) films. Our advanced energy materials research shift reflects exciting new opportunities in applying aqueous process engineering expertise to nanostructured functional material processing with potential for large-scale development of sustainable new energy and environmental technologies. These vary from encapsulation of hazardous materials like arsenical waste and nanomaterial-based water decontamination to carbon-free direct production of metals (e.g. iron) by aqueous electrolysis, green synthesis and fabrication of Li-ion battery electrodes and ceramic electrolytes including direct recycling and upcycling of spent LIB cathodes (e.g. NMC, LFP).

PDF icon PhD Openings (2) - Li-ion battery materials

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