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Open Science

Open Science is a growing practice that involves sharing research data, methods and findings with the scientific community and the public, fostering reproducibility, and accelerating scientific progress.

The Ludmer Centre and its partner institutions adhere to Open Science principles and continue to develop platforms and infrastructure to help the global neuroscience community. Below, you can find some of the core infrastructure, platforms and resources developed by the Ludmer Centre scientific directors and principal investigators.

Infrastructural Resources

Hologram of a cloud with the underlying processing infrastructure

Part of the mission of the Ludmer Centre rests on providing data management solutions for scientists and researchers worldwide to store, analyze and share data. You can find out more about the core open source infrastructural platforms here.

Platforms and Computational Resources

Algorithms and computation appearing on a screen

Our researchers have developed and published a number of open source highly specialized platforms and computational resources. From benchmarking genomics to neuroimaging data, you can find out more about our resources and how to gain access to them.

Resources available on Github

Person holding a phone with the Github logo on the screen

In addition to projects named above, some our researchers have dedicated Github pages, where they have published their computational and analysis tools. 

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