One of the Ludmer Centre principal investigators, Rose Bagot, at the podium giving a presentation about the brain

Our People

The Ludmer Centre is guided through the leadership of four scientific directors who provide strategic direction, foster interdisciplinary and international collaborations and promote cutting-edge research initiatives within and beyond the centre.  

The centre also provides a supportive framework to a growing number of principal investigators and early career researchers, who are leading experts in their respective fields. 

Scientific Directors

The Ludmer Centre's four scientific directors

Our scientific directors drive innovative research in normal and abnormal brain development across multiple research domains - epigenetics, single-cell genomics, neuroimaging, biostatistics and neuroinformatics. They also offer extensive training opportunities and bring with them an elaborate network of global collaborators.

Principal Investigator

Four of Ludmer Centre's principle investigators

The Ludmer Centre benefits from the membership of dynamic and innovative principal investigators, who help advance the centre's core research themes, provide opportunities for trainees, and build collaborations and partnerships worldwide.

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