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About Us

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Founded in 2013

The Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics and Mental Health is a McGill-affiliated research centre driving innovative, collaborative and global big-data research in genetics, epigenetics, neuroimaging, statistics, single-cell genomics and computational neuroscience. At its heart, the Ludmer Centre strives to build the core infrastructure required to strengthen and reinforce transdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations with the common goals of furthering our understanding of normal and abnormal brain development.

To accomplish this, the Ludmer Centre brings together cutting-edge neuroscience infrastructure and world-renowned researchers from three partner research institutes, as well as their trainees and their global network. These institutions are:

  • Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital (LDI);
  • Montreal Neurological Institute (the Neuro), and;
  • The Douglas Research Institute (the Douglas).

Researchers and trainees at the Ludmer Centre continue to make strides in the field through transcontinental and multidisciplinary collaborations and partnerships, leading to more impactful research and enabling a diversity in research perspective. With established collaborations in Cuba, China, Singapore, United States, Germany, Brazil and more, the Ludmer Centre strives to build a unified front in advancing neuroscience by eliminating barriers in computing and access to data and creating infrastructure for open science and collaborations.

By combining local, national and international knowledge, resources and data, we can have a far greater impact on the understanding, and ultimately the health of the human brain. 

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