Abstract image of brain, created with lines and dots

Our Research

Led by the strategic vision and leadership of our scientific directors and the groundbreaking work of our principal investigators, the Ludmer Centre focuses on five research thematics:

Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics

A DNA structure with numbers and graphs

Within the scope of the Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics research theme, researchers develop methods that improve our ability to measure brain development and deterioration. Research areas include methods for normalization and preprocessing, benchmarking normal ageing, identifying interesting associations with exposures or diseases, and many other topics.

Functional Genomics & Epigenetics

Double Helix DNA Strand

Our Functional Genomics and Epigenetics research focuses on the identification of diagnostic bio-markers, early intervention, tailored-treatment, and prevention strategies.


A cross-section from the BigBrain Atlas

The Ludmer Centre has been a key partner in the creation of the BigBrain Project, and various other global brain imaging initiatives. 


An abstract brain as a computer's processor

Our Neuroinformatics core team aims to provide researchers around the world with access to neuroinformatics infrastructure while innovating and expanding the computational infrastructure and tools required for data analysis. 

Single-Cell Genomics Brain Initiative

A single blue cell surrounded by cells of a different colour

Our Single-Cell Genomics Brain Initiative aims to understand the role that individual brain cells play at the molecular, anatomical and structural levels. 

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