The Road Ahead



"The world has been struck by calamity. As if from out of nowhere, a grey fog spread across the land, blotting out the sun. People all over the globe looked in terror as their world transformed into a colorless landscape. They didn't know what to expect, but shortly after its first appearance the dark fog began to cause an illness. The ones exposed were met with a terrible fever and cough. This strange phenomenon accelerated the spread of the fog and, very soon, no city was left untouched. Many people perished from the illness. Governments broke, communities fractured, families destroyed. Social order fell apart and society crumbled. Fifteen years have passed. The survivors have since coalesced into smaller communities throughout the world, banding together to create their own little worlds of comfort. "

The Road Ahead is a serious video game developed to promote social change, civic engagement, and experiential learning. This project is the first in-depth investigation of a participatory, game-making process that translates the experience of personal and social disruption based on the Covid-19 pandemic into a digital product with educational and therapeutic value. Moreover, this study represents a blueprint for collaboration between youth and researchers to advance youth creativity, learning and leadership.

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