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Project Leader: Dr.Manuela Ferrari Dr. Ferrari wearing a red coat outside with trees in the background

Dr. Manuela Ferrari is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University and Researcher at the Douglas Research Centre in Montreal. Dr. Ferrari applies participatory design to e-Mental Health interventions to enhance access to
care, treatment, and client engagement with services.




Amina Boubekeur

Amina holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. She is a research coordinator at the Douglas Research Centre in Montreal where she works on an e-mental health research project on measurement-based care in mental health clinics led by Dr. Ferrari and industry collaborator. She is working on an e-mental health research project on measurement-based care in mental health clinics led by Dr. Ferrari and industry collaborator.

Daniel PowellDaniel Powell smiling, pictures of flowers behind him.

Daniel is passionate about technology, mental health, and the law. Currently finishing his BCL/JD program at McGill University, he will be returning in the fall to complete an LLM (Thesis) where he plans to study the governance of trust between digital platforms and their users. He joins the Ludic Mind team with a desire to combine his interests by contributing to innovative solutions in mental health care.



Geoff Meugens Geoff Meugens smiling with an orange shirt on.

Geoff Meugens is a Project Manager at the Ludic Mind Studio and has an MA in English literature at McGill. He is also a self-taught musician and video editor. Geoff loves video games and hopes to challenge the stigma of mental health through video game creation.


Judith Sabetti Judith Sabetti smiles with green trees behind her on a sunny day.

Judith Sabetti, PhD, is a Research Associate with the Ludic Mind Studio and long-time RA at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre for researchers working on a wide variety of topics in mental health and addiction. Her favorite games are academic writing and manuscript revisions for the team.



Man Wai (Kristy) Ng Kristy standing in a garden

Kristy has an BA in Psychology at University of Washington and is currently finishing her Serious Games and Simulation Design program at University of Missouri. She is interested in discovering the possibilities in applying learning games and simulation training in different aspects, especially in healthcare, social and community services.



Marika Monarque Marika Monarque standing on a street in winter.

Marika is a Research Assistant at the Ludic Mind Studio, with a B.A. in Psychology and B.Sc. in Physiology from McGill University. Her interests include counselling and digital interventions in the context of mental and physical health. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in psychology.


Michael Serravalle Animated picture of Michael Serravelle

Michael Serravelle is currently a computer science student at Concordia University. He also enjoys drawing and writing in his free time. He has been a gamer since he was four years old and has always had an interest in creating video games. Combining technical skills as well as his own lived experiences with mental illness, he seek to create games that can help change the conversation about mental illness into something more positive.


Sahar Fazeli Sahar wearing a yellow shirt by the sea

Sahar Fazeli holds a PhD in Educational Studies and is a Postdoctoral Researcher in "Learning How to Care" project in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University (Douglas Research Centre). Sahar's previous background is in environmental science and engineering, but she has always been devoted to the wellbeing of young people. Her broad research interests include leveraging technology to promote young people's mental health, and to give a voice to people, from vulnerable and minority communities. Her areas of expertise are mixed methods, participatory, community-based and arts-based research methods. She is also vice-president and co-founder of a non-profit organization for children with cancer registered in Canada, named “Espoir Pour Enfants Atteints de cancer.” 

Marjolaine Rivest-Beauregard Marjolaine Rivest-Beauregard smiling.

Marjolaine has a MSc in Psychiatry and is currently a PhD student in the same department at McGill University. Marjolaine’s research focuses on trauma, disaster mental health, and how technologies can be implemented to help in such events. Her doctoral research looks at the psychological impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the transition of therapies for trauma and stress related disorders to an online delivery method. She is also involved in scientific communication initiatives, such as the creation and production of podcasts and radio columns.


Affiliate Members


Gerald Jordan Gerald Jordan standing in a green field outside the Douglas Hospital

Gerald Jordan, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham; a core member of the Institute for Mental Health; and a Deputy Theme Lead at the Centre for Urban Wellbeing. His research explores how personal, social, community-level, and political determinants of health and resilience shape the changes people make to their lives and communities following a mental health problem.



Marianne-Sarah Saulnier Marianne-Sarah standing in a field outside the Douglas Hospital

Marianne holds a PhD in anthropology and is currently doing a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill with a focus on the impact of climate change on social and gender inequalities. She is a research coordinator at the Douglas Research Centre in Montreal where she works on digital tools to make mental health care more accessible and destigmatized.



Hani Sadati 

Hani Sadati is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Community-based Research. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Studies from McGill University, and his doctoral project focused on the participatory development of a serious game to address sexual and gender-based violence in Ethiopian Agriculture colleges. Hani also has an M.A. in Sociology-Women Studies and a B.A. in Social Science Research. His areas of expertise and interests include community-based research and participatory methods, game-based learning, women and gender studies, and human rights.


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