Student Life

Graduate student life and sense of community are remarkably energetic and enriching at McGill.

Whether in the classrooms or corridors, at Thomson House (the University's graduate student centre) or in the Nahum Gelber Law Library, graduate law students are involved in a diverse range of groups, activities, and causes. Graduate students can participate in workshops, lectures, and reading groups; they can join student groups of all kinds; they can take on leadership and governance roles in the community; and they can take advantage of a wide spectrum of student-oriented services.

The GradInfo Bulletin

Graduate students receive a weekly email bulletin, reminding them of upcoming deadlines, activities, lectures, and conferences. In addition, they have access to the activities and services offered to all of our law students and to those offered to graduate students in all disciplines across the university.

The Graduate Law Students Association

The Graduate Law Students Association ("GLSA") serves an active role in the student life of McGill graduate students. Each year, the GLSA elects an Executive comprised of fellow graduate students who lead the activities of the GLSA. The GLSA represents an important line of communication between the graduate law student body and the Faculty. A highlight of the GLSA's activities includes the annual McGill Graduate Law Students Conference, which brings together graduate students from Canada and abroad to share their research with their peers in an intellectually rich community of scholarship.

The Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) is committed to helping graduate law students plan their careers by providing sound advice and alerting them to opportunities in areas such as academia, private practice and non–legal careers. The CDO publishes and distributes the Graduate Law Student's Career Guide, which has been designed to be a starting point to career planning for graduate students. In it, readers will discover a myriad of resources for life during and after graduate law school including those pertaining to immigration, graduate studies funding and bar admission requirements.  Look for it under the Resources menu on the CDO website!

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