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When should I apply?

The deadline to apply to all graduate law programs (LLM, DCL, Graduate Certificates) is December 20; the online admissions system opens in mid-September. Candidates are invited to apply as early as possible. McGill Graduate Law offers the September entrance only. 

For more information, see Graduate Law Admissions > Deadlines.

What are the language requirements for the graduate programs? Do I need to know both English and French?

Graduate level courses are offered in English, and sufficient English-language abilities must be demonstrated for admission. In order to communicate fully with all law students at McGill, and to understand and participate in all courses, the ability to speak and read French is an asset. At McGill’s Faculty of Law, all students may choose to write essays, examinations and theses in English or in French.

For more information on language requirements, see Graduate Law Admissions > Requirements.

Can I apply for the LLM or DCL if I do not have a first law degree (Bachelor of Laws)?

No. As a candidate for admission to our LLM program, you MUST possess a Bachelor of Laws degree or an equivalent law degree from an accredited university with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0/4.0, or its equivalent (upper second class).

Are there any exceptions? If you are applying to the Air and Space Law Graduate Certificate and if you do not hold a law degree you must fulfill the following two requirements:

  1. have an undergraduate university degree in another discipline, and
  2. possess sufficient professional experience, as demonstrated by the curriculum vitae, in the fields of Air and/or Space Law to compensate for the lack of a law degree (as determined by the Graduate Admissions Committee).

For those applying to our doctoral program (DCL), only applicants demonstrating excellent academic ability will be considered. As a doctoral program applicant, you must hold both a Bachelor of Laws degree (equivalent to L3 in Europe) and a Master of Laws degree (Master 1 & 2 in Europe).

I have been notified that I have been recommended for admission by the Faculty of Law and am waiting for an answer from the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Can I assume I’m admitted? Is it normal to wait for an answer from the GPS?

McGill has a two-step admission process. The Faculty of Law does the first review of applications, and only those that are recommended by our Graduate Admissions Committee are sent to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of McGill University (GPS). If a file is not recommended, the candidate is not admitted.

The final decision to admit rests with the University, which conducts its own review of applicant files and makes all formal offers of admission. Usually, the University’s decision is sent to the student within two to six weeks of the date of the Faculty of Law's recommendation. Typically, the University supports the Faculty's recommendations.

For more information on the admission process, see Graduate Law Admissions > Process.

What is the "GPS" at McGill?

McGill's Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office, or GPS, is responsible for the administration of graduate admissions, registration, fellowships, theses, and graduation as well as postdoctoral registration and fellowships.

To learn more visit McGill's Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

What do I need in terms of immigration papers to study at McGill?

All international students must have the proper immigration documents to study at McGill.

Generally, the procedure follows two steps: International students should begin the application process for both a provincial Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ), and a Canada Study Permit as soon as possible after receiving their letter of admission from McGill. Specific requirements, such as visas, vary depending on the student’s country of origin.

International Student Services can provide general information and assistance (including a pre-departure guide for international students).

For more information, see McGill's International Student Services > Immigration.

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I have specific questions relating to my individual program (courses, length, start of the program, etc). Where can I get information?

If after consulting this site, you still have questions, the Graduate Programs Office can assist you. See how to contact them.

Will I be automatically accepted if I meet the necessary grades for admission?

No. To be eligible for consideration, you must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0/4.0, or its equivalent (Upper Second Class). Nevertheless, our program is highly competitive and thus meeting the minimum requirements is no guarantee of entry. Furthermore, the Graduate Program Admissions Committee takes all aspects of your dossier into consideration.

For more information about International Degree Equivalency, see Future Graduate Students.

How many students are accepted into the graduate law programs at McGill?

This depends on the number of strong applications in any given year. In the past, approximately 50-55 LLM students and 14-15 DCL students have been admitted. All students begin their programs in September.

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