BCL/JD Re-Applicant Information Session

Mercredi, 4 octobre, 2023 16:30à18:00

Admissions Q&A Panel  Link: https://mcgill.zoom.us/j/81782575408 /lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Drop-in Advising BCL/JD Admission Requirements

Mardi, 3 octobre, 2023 13:00à14:00

Link: https://mcgill.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvceutqjkrEt3XKjduwiZWXFwdidUSPWRE  /lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Drop-in Advising BCL/JD Admission Requirements

Vendredi, 29 septembre, 2023 13:00à14:00

Link: https://mcgill.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEqcemoqz4tGdR2Ks-TOKct9QngMDOyeVrX   /lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Authoritarian Governance and Democratic Crisis: A Conversation on Methods and Approaches

Jeudi, 21 septembre, 2023 10:00à13:00

Building on the Roundtable on “Populism and the Causes of Democratic Discontent” on Wednesday 20 September 2023, this session is convened as a conversation among faculty (students are welcome)...

Populism and the Causes of Democratic Discontent: The Road to the Current Predicament and How to Move Forward

Mercredi, 20 septembre, 2023 13:00à14:30

What is the most appropriate and accurate depiction of the current state of democratic politics? “Populism” – “Libertarian Authoritarianism” – “Autocratic Populism”?/lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Patricia Allen Memorial Lecture: Addressing Police Violence against Women in Canada

Dimanche, 29 octobre, 2023 13:00à14:30

With Prof. Sylvia Rich, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (McGill LLB/BCL ’07)/lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Challenging Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

Vendredi, 8 septembre, 2023 09:00à10:30

Karima Bennoune in conversation with Horia Mosadiq. Hosted by: Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism (CHRLP), Faculty of Law, McGill University and Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) ...

Recrutement facultaire 2023-2024 - Appel de candidatures

Publié: 9 August 2023

Nous sollicitons actuellement des candidatures pour notre cycle de recrutement facultaire 2023-2024. ...

Capsules Éducaloi et Centre Paul-André Crépeau de droit privé et comparé

Publié: 21 August 2023

Afin de souligner la  publication, en automne 2023, du volume Successions des Dictionnaires de droit privé et lexiques bilingues, le Centre Paul-André Crépeau de droit privé et comparé — en...


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