Vascular Medicine

Montreal General Hospital

These clinical activities  at the MGH site include the hypertension clinic, vascular medicine clinics and the Maternal Cardiovascular Health (MATCH) clinic.


From left to right: Dr Laurence Green, Dr Stella Daskalopoulou and Dr Natalie Dayan

  • The Hypertension clinic focuses on investigation and management of patients referred for complicated hypertension. It is every Wednesday afternoon. Directors: Dr Laurence Green and Dr Stella Daskalopoulou
  • The Vascular clinic assesses and manages risk factors for patients with known vascular disease. See more on Dr Daskalopoulou's vascular lab and research here. The Vascular medicine clinic is every Thursday morning. Director: Dr Stella Daskalopoulou
  • The MATCH Clinic aims at reducing vascular risk in women who have sustained a complication of pregnancy. It is Thursday mornings, approximately twice a month. Director: Dr Natalie Dayan


Cardiovascular Prevention Centre - Jewish General Hospital

Dr Ernesto Schiffrin is the Director and Dr Luc Trudeau the Associate Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention Centre at the JGH. The Cardiovascular Prevention Centre is dedicated to diagnosing and treating all risk factors of cardiovascular disease. With a unique multi-disciplinary approach, a team of trained nurses, nutritionists, psychologists (for smoking cessation) and specialized physicians (Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiology), attend patients in primary and secondary prevention. As well, the Clinic serves as a platform for physician training and research projects in basic and clinical cardiovascular medicine.


Cardiac Health Improvement and Diabetes Prevention / Control Programs

Dr Steven Grover is the Director of CHIP, a program that promotes healthy lifestyle interventions. See the website for more information: Cardiac Health Improvement and Diabetes Prevention/Control Programs.


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