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McGill General Internal Medicine Residency Program
10th Annual Clinical Scholars Program Scholarly Project Day

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
1:00 to 4:00 PM
Via Zoom


1:00 PM Welcome & Land Acknowledgment
Drs Isabelle Malhamé & Vicky Tagalakis, CSP Co-Directors

1:05 Dr. M. Haris Bin Akhtar
“Training and performance assessment of machine learning algorithms to improve management of patients with respiratory illness”

This project aims to train and assess performance of machine learning algorithms with simulation scenarios for diagnosis of respiratory illness.

Project supervised by Dr. Emily McDonald

1:20 Dr. Firass Georgie
“Thrombolytic therapy for the treatment of pulmonary embolism: a large university centre experience”

This is a retrospective analysis of outcomes related to the use thrombolysis in patients with massive and submassive pulmonary embolism

Project supervised by Dr. Maral Koolian and Dr. Jed Lipes

1:35 Dr. Marc-Alexandre Gingras
“Educational Brochures to Improve Gabapentinoid Deprescribing”

This prospective before-and-after study at the MUHC reports on the effect of patient educational brochures given on deprescription rates of gabapentinoids.

Project supervised by Dr. Emily McDonald

1:50 5-minute stretching break

1:55 Dr. Tanya Girard
“A retrospective study comparing post-operative opioid prescribing practices in an academic medical center”

This is a retrospective cohort study on opioid prescribing practices following select open pelvic and abdominal surgeries at the MUHC, aiming to identify factors associated with high-risk opioid prescriptions.

Project supervised by Dr. Emily McDonald

2:10 Dr. Sandrine Hamel
“Developing a patient information tool for pregnant women requiring urgent imaging for pulmonary embolism”

This project aims to review the literature and conduct a focus group with medical experts on the topic of urgent imaging for pulmonary embolism in pregnant women to develop a patient information tool.

Project supervised by Dr. Isabelle Malhamé


2:25 Dr. Patrick Iannattone
“Incidence of deep vein thrombosis in adults receiving ECMO support: A systematic review”

This is a systematic review of the incidence of venous thromboembolism during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or soon after decannulation.

Project supervised by Dr. Jed Lipes

2:40 Dr. Marie-Maude Joly
“Health care utilization and one-year mortality in patients post COVID-19 infection: A retrospective cohort study”

This is a retrospective study that describes health care utilization and mortality in the year after covid infection and explores differences between nosocomial and community acquired cases.

Project supervised by Dr. Han Ting Wang (University of Montreal)

3:55 5-minute stretching break

3:00 Dr. Harmony Tsui
“CanRIO Canadian Consensus for Rheumatologic Immune-Related Adverse Events (Rh-irAE) Management: ir-Myositis”

This project describes a literature review and development of Canadian consensus guidelines for the diagnosis and management of immune-related myositis due to immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Project supervised by Dr. Marie Hudson

3:15 Dr. Jennifer Wright
“The multidisciplinary management of a mechanical mitral valve thrombosis in pregnancy: a case report and review of the literature”

The case discusses the management of complex valve thrombosis in pregnancy and lessons learned.

Project supervised by Dr. Isabelle Malhamé

3:30 Dr. Xiaoshuang Kou
“NPO for CT Scans with Contrast in Hospitalized Patients”

This project assesses four hours of "temporary NPO" vs two hours of "clear fluid diet" for non-procedural CT scans with contrast.

Project supervised by Dr. Emily McDonald

3:45 Dr. Samad Ahmad
”Communication with Primary Care Physicians at Discharge from Internal Medicine Wards”

This quality improvement project aims to understand the current protocols in place to share internal medicine discharge summaries with primary care physicians through surveying coordinators, residents and CTU Directors and through a chart review.

Project supervised by Dr. Dev Jayaraman

4:00 Closing remarks.

Thank you!





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