Thrombosis Medicine

The Centre of Excellence in Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Care (CETAC) at the Jewish General Hospital, of which Dr Susan Kahn is the director, is well known for its breadth and quality of care, education, and research in Thrombosis Medicine. Drs Kahn, Tagalakis and Koolian, amongst other specialists, participate in the CETAC, providing state-of-the-art patient care; in- and out-patient consultation services; thrombosis medicine teaching to medical students, residents and nurses; and conducting research and research training in causes, risk factors, prevention and treatment of thrombosis. Additionally, as one of only three centres in Canada, via the Department of Medicine at McGill University, it offers An Area of Focused Competencies (AFC) Diploma in Adult Thrombosis Medicine, of which Dr Koolian is the Program Director. The centre truly serves as an incubator of innovation in clinical care and research.


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