MIF Lunch & Learn 14: Finding non-dilutive funding

Thursday, March 14, 2024 12:00to13:00
Sahar Ansary and Christine Bryce

In the early days of a spinoff or start-up business, securing adequate funding is critical. But in many cases, founders have to give up some ownership of their company to investors. That's why finding non-dilutive sources of funding is a vital step to ensure future success. But what sources are there? And how difficult is it to obtain? To illuminate this topic, we have assembled the following panel of experts:

Sahar Ansary is a partner at R&D PArtners. She has assisted hundreds of small to large-sized organizations across Canada with SR&ED and E-business tax credit programs for over ten years and has led work on over $50M in related claims. She specializes in identifying and optimizing the technical and financial aspects of various funding programs, maximizing overall tax credits, and managing major accounts. Sahar has significant experience in the aerospace, medical device, and software industries.

Christine Bryce is a Senior Process Engineer at PyroGenesis Canada Inc. She has been a key player in coordinating the company’s efforts in grant applications, R&D tax credits, and project proposals, helping drive the company’s grant funding from less than $200,000 to over $1 million annually. She began her career at NOVA Chemicals in Calgary where she helped the company realize multimillion dollar tax credit returns annually. She has also consulted for the National Research Council of Canada, and smaller firms such as Coanda R&D Corporation and Carbon Management Canada, before joining PyroGenesis.

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