MIF Lunch & Learn 15: Finding dilutive funding

Thursday, April 18, 2024 12:00to13:00

Before finding customers, many startup and spinoff businesses need to find funding./innovationCategory: Entrepreneurship Innovation

MIF Team in search of unicorn battery technology

15 Mar 2024

Professor Philippe Ouzilleau and Yee Wei Foong are creating an alternative to lithium-ion batteries which is less environmentally costly, and simpler to both manufacture and recycle. With the help...

MIF Lunch & Learn 14: Finding non-dilutive funding

Thursday, March 14, 2024 12:00to13:00

In the early days of a spinoff or start-up business, securing adequate funding is critical. But in many cases, founders have to give up some ownership of their company to investors....

As a Matter of Fact, it is Rocket Science: Iron-Based Fuel Powered by MIF

2 Feb 2024

New technology by McGill entrepreneurs and their spinoff Altiro Energy uses iron as a fuel alternative to greenhouse gas producing fossil fuels. With support from the McGill Iinnovation Fund (MIF),...

Don’t Throw Nutrients Out with the Growing Water: Making Hydroponics More Efficient

19 Dec 2023

If you go to the grocery store in Montreal, you will likely buy fresh produce. Let’s say, you get a pack of Driscoll strawberries. You may not realize it, but those strawberries are grown in...

Passing the torch: MIF welcomes 2nd cohort

10 Feb 2023

The McGill Innovation Fund (MIF) officially entered its second year of operation with a kick-off event at the Faculty Club on Thursday, February 2nd. The two-part experience began with an advisor...

Made in Quebec: Building a better future, one CMU at a time

23 Feb 2022

There is simply no escaping the fact that 2022 has started out with a completely different sound than a resounding and joyful ‘bang!’ Perhaps we can charitably say it began with a dull, familiar...

Made in Quebec: Illuminating hidden brain cancer cells

18 Nov 2021

It's a scene that plays out daily in operating rooms around the world: a surgeon removes a malignant brain tumour. But rather than registering the satisfaction of having saved a patient’s life,...

Shake it off no longer: the future of energy absorbers

12 Jan 2024

With the support of the McGill Innovation Fund, a team of McGill researchers are seeking to develop and commercialize a multistate lightweight shock absorbing technology that could transform safety...


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