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Innovation for all

McGill University is committed to innovation. In our view, innovation must serve the best interests of all society, and we believe that disseminating research findings to benefit others is more important than generating revenue. We also recognize that innovation can come from all members of the University, which is why we are pursuing a “distributed, but integrated” model where innovation resources are available to all stakeholders across campus, while at the same time ensuring that all such activities are subject to due diligence and accountability.

For innovators

To find out more about which McGill’s innovation policies and practices are relevant to your needs, please select which of the following best describes your present situation:

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I have an idea for an innovation

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I have created an innovation

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I want to contribute to an innovation

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I want to licence a technology or sponsor research 

Innovation Resources

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There are many resources within McGill to help you innovate, including funding, advice and programs. Find out what is available at McGill and in which Faculty.

Spinoff Companies

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Want to see what companies have emerged from the McGill entrepreneurial ecosystem? Consult the list of active spinoffs.

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