Thursday, December 15, 2022 09:00to11:00


Foundations in Medical and Health Sciences Education Elective - student presentations

Group 1

Salwa Alhammadi, Resident - Neurology
Brian Tran, Resident - Anesthesia
Caroline Heiniger, Fellow - Social Pediatrics
Liam Anders Cooper-Brown, Medical Student
Project: Cultural Safety in Teaching

Group 2

Samuel Doiron, Resident - General Internal Medicine
Keyvan Mohammad-Ali, Resident - Neurology
Nadia Demko, Resident - Anatomic Pathology
Aliya Szpindel, Resident - Neurology
Project: Misinformation

Group 3

Pier-Luc Parent, Medical Student
James Johnston, Resident - Pediatric Nephrology
Katherine Chabot, Resident - Anesthesia
Lamis Kattan, Resident - Anesthesia
Project: Gender Care

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