Research Recap: Publications from the Institute of Health Sciences Education in 2023

In the past year, members and learners at McGill’s Institute of Health Sciences Education (IHSE) have contributed to a wide range of national and international research publications.

As we look forward to the start of a new year, we look back at a sampling of research in medical and health sciences education that members of our community have published.

“I am so proud of the cutting-edge work that IHSE researchers are engaged in,” says Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, PhD, Director of the IHSE. “Our researchers are leading the way in breaking down silos, and bringing interdisciplinary and equity-focused perspectives to medical, health professions, and health sciences education.”


January 2023

Melvill K, Fitzpatrick J, Rosenblatt DS. 2023. Perspective on the future of genetic counseling assistants – Should it be a steppingstone or a stand-alone career? Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. 138(1).

Bilgic E, Turkdogon S, Harley JM. 2023. Entrustable professional activity assessments in surgery: Competing perspectives, practices, expectations, and future roles? Global Surgical Education. 2(22):1-11.

Kleiner MJ, Kinsella EA, Miciak M, Teachman G, Walton DM. 2023. The ‘responsive’ practitioner: Physiotherapists’ reflections on the ‘good’ in physiotherapy practice. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. 39(12):2625-2638.

Garrod D, Darwin Z, Nugus P, McGowan L. 2023. “Have you been to antenatal classes?” Insights into midwife-father communication from an ethnographic study. Practising Midwife. 26(1):19-24.

Horton A, Loban K, Fortin MC, Charbonneau S, Nugus P, et al. 2023. Living Donor Kidney Transplantation in Quebec: A Qualitative Case Study of Health System Barriers and Facilitators. Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease. 10:1-13.

Mortaz Hejri S, Vyas R, Burdick WP, Steinert Y. 2023. Understanding and embracing culture in international faculty development. Perspectives on Medical Education.

McBain K, Chen L, Lee A, O’Brien J, Ventura NM, Noel GPJC. 2023. Evaluating the integration of body donor imaging into anatomical dissection using augmented reality. Anatomical Sciences Education. 16(1):71-86.

February 2023

Garrod D, Darwin Z, Nugus P, McGowan L. 2023. Fathers’ involvement in ‘cutting the cord’ – Questioning ‘taken for granted’ acts? Practising Midwife. 26(2):20-25.

Gardner A, Steinert Y, Rodgers A, et al. 2023. Mapping the terrain of simulation faculty development: Protocol for a scoping review. International Journal of Healthcare Simulation. XX(XX):1-6.

Roberge-Dao J, Maggio LA, Zaccagnini M, Rochette A, Shikak K, Boruff J, Thomas A. 2023. Challenges and future directions in the measurement of evidence-based practice: Qualitative analysis of umbrella review findings. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. 29(1):218-227.

Shankar S, Young RA, Young M. 2023. Action-project method: An approach to describing and studying goal-oriented joints actions. Medical Education. 57(2):131-141.

Zagury-Orly I, Solinski MA, Nguyen LHP, Young M, et al. 2023. What is the current state of extended reality use in otolaryngology training? A scoping review. Laryngoscope. 133(2):227-234.

March 2023

Harley JM, Hin-Hei Lau C, Bilgic E, Muller Moran R, Fried GM, Bhanji F. 2023. Identifying Royal College-accredited simulation centre research priority directions across Canada. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 1-5.

Di Stasio M, Alston L, Harley JM. 2023. A snapshot of Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs and Student Well-Being in Alberta Schools. Canadian Journal of School Psychology. 38(2):144-158.

Mak S, Hunt M, Speranza Riccio S, Razack S, Root K, Thomas A. 2023. Attrition and Retention of Rehabilitation Professionals: A Scoping Review. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Iqbal MZ, Rochette A, Mayo NE, Valois MF, Bussières AE, Ahmed S, Debigaré r, Letts LJ, MacDermid JC, Ogourtsova T, Polatajko HJ, Rappolt S, Salbach NM, Thomas A. 2023. Exploring if and how evidence-based practice of occupational and physical therapists evolves over time: A longitudinal mixed methods national study. PLOS One.

Horton A, Loban K, Nugus P, et al. 2023. Health System-Level Barriers to Living Donor Kidney Transplantation: Protocol for a Comparative Case Study Analysis. JMIR Research Protocols. 12:e44172.

Soemantri D, Findyartini A, Greviana N, Mustika R, Felaza E, Wahid M, Steinert Y. 2023. Deconstructing the professional identity formation of basis sciences teachers in medical education. Advances in Health Sciences Education Theory and Practice. 28(1):169-180.

Gaid D, Ahmed S, Thomas A, Bussières A. 2023. Barriers and Facilitators to Knowledge Brokering Activities: Perspectives from Knowledge Brokers Working in Canadian Rehabilitation Settings. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Thomas A, Rochette A, George C, Iqbal MZ, Ataman R, St-Onge JS. 2023. Definitions and Conceptualizations of the Practice Context in the Health Professions: A Scoping Review. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Wagner M, Gomez Garibello C, Seymour N, Okrainec A, Vassiliou M. 2023. An argument-based validation study of the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery (FLS) program. Surgical Endoscopy. 37:5351-5357.

Rizvi F, Korst MR, Young M, et al. 2023. Pilot study evaluating cross-disciplinary educational material to improve patients’ knowledge of palliative radiation therapy. Journal of Cancer Education. 38:1466-1470

Sheldon S, Fan C, Under I, Young M. 2023. Learning strategy impacts medical diagnostic reasoning in early learners. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications. 8(17).

Young M, Szulewski A, Anderson R, Gomez-Garibello C, Thoma B, Monteiro S. 2023. Clinical Reasoning in CanMEDS 2025. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 14(1), 58-62.


April 2023

Gross E, Jarus T, Mayer Y, Zaman S, Mira FM, Boniface J, Boucher M, Bulk LY, Chen S, Drynan D, Falcicchio K, Kinsella EA, et al. 2023. Professional practice placement as a unique challenge for students with disabilities in health and human service educational programmes. International Journal of Inclusive Education.


May 2023

Thoma B, Karwowska A, Samson L, Labine N, Waters H, Giuliani M, Chan T, Atkinson A, Constantin E, Hall AK, Gomez-Garibello C, et al. 2023. Emerging concepts in the CanMEDS physician competency framework. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 14(1):4-12.

Leyland Z, Walton D, Kinsella EA. 2023. Two Puzzles, a Tour Guide, and a Teacher: The First Cohorts’ Lived Experience of Participating in the MClSc Interprofessional Pain Management Program. Healthcare. 11(10):1397.

Smith KS, Kinsella EA, Moodie S, McCorquodale L, Teachman G. 2023. Mindfulness in paediatric occupational therapy: A phenomenological inquiry. Disability and Rehabilitation.

Smith KS, Kinsella EA, Moodie S, McCorquodale L, Teachman G. 2023. Mindfulness and therapeutic relationships: A phenomenological inquiry into paediatric occupational therapists’ practices. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy. 30(8):1441-1450.

Szpindel A, Lam S, Lubarsky S. 2023. Reflections on medical education: An innovative near-peer led initiative using online media to teach the neurological exam. Reflection. McGill Journal of Medicine, 21(1).

Arnaert A, Di Feo M, Wagner M, Primeau G, Aubé T, Constantinescu A, Lavoie-Tremblay M. 2023. Nurse Preceptors’ Experience of an Online Strength-Based Nursing Course in Clinical Teaching. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 55(1):91-99.


June 2023

Azher S, Cervantes A, Marchionni C, Grewal K, Marchand H, Harley JM. 2023. Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education: Headset Virtual Reality and Screen-based Virtual Simulation Offer A Comparable Experience. Clinical Simulation in Nursing. 79:61-74.

Moran HRM, Maurice-Ventouris M, Alharbi M, Ahn TB, Harley JM, Lachapelle KJ. 2023. Pan-Canadian initiative on Fundamental Competencies for Transcatheter Cardiac Surgery: A modified Delphi consensus study. The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 165(6), 2153-2161.

Thambinathan V, Kinsella EA. 2023. “When I say ... anti-racist praxis”. Medical Education. 57(6):511-513.

Dubé T, Wagner M, Zaccagnini M, Gomez-Garibello C. 2023. Exploring stakeholder perspectives regarding the implementation of competency-based medical education: A qualitative descriptive study. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 14(5).

Thomas A, St-Onge C, Renaud JS, et al. 2023. Measuring Health Care Work-Related Contextual Factors: Development of the McGill Context Tool. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Meeuwissen SNE, Steinert Y, Konopasky AB, Stalmeijer RE. 2023. How Theory can Inform Practice: A Case of Easing Transition into Residency. Academic Medicine.

Kolomitro K, Soleas E, Steinert Y. 2023. Developing Faculty Developers: An Underexplored Realm in Professional Development. Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professions.


July 2023

Ten Cate O, Khursigara-Slattery N, Cruess RL, Hamstra SJ, Steinert Y, Sternszus R. 2023. Medical competence as a multilayered construct. Medical Education.

Seymour NE, Nepomnayshy D, De S, Banks E, Breitkopf DM, Campagna R, Gomez-Garibello C, et al. 2023. What are essential laparoscopic skills these days? Results of the SAGES Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) Committee technical skills survey. Surgical Endoscopy. 1-10.

Gomez-Garibello C, Wagner M, Seymour N, Okrainec A, Vassiliou M. 2023. The entrustable professional activities of laparoscopic surgery: Moving toward an integrated training model. Surgery Endoscopy. 37(7):5335-5339.

Facca D, Kinsella EA. 2023. Emergence, multiplicity and connection: rethinking ethical discernment in qualitative research through a rhizo-ethics approach. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 36(8):1526-1540.

Leyland ZA, Walton DM, Kinsella EA. 2023. “Maybe I would’ve been more comfortable in my ignorance?”: Exploring future physical therapist’s lived experience of an elective pain science course. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. 39(12):2688-2697.

Loban K, Fadel E, Nugus P, Przybylak-Brouillard A, Badenoch H, Robert JT, Bugeja A, Gill J, Fortin MC, Rodriguez C, Sandal S. 2023. Living kidney donors’ healthcare needs, experiences and perspectives across their entire donation trajectory: A semi-structured, in-depth interview study. Kidney International. Online ahead of print.

Thomas A, Roberge-Dao J, Muhammad Zafar I, et al. 2023. Developing multisectoral strategies to promote evidence-based practice in rehabilitation: Findings from an end-of-grant knowledge translation symposium. Disability and Rehabilitation.

Saberzaseh-Ardestani B, Reza Sima A, Khosravi B, Young M, Mortaz Hejri S. 2023. The impact of prior performance information on subsequent assessment: Is there evidence of retaliation in an anonymous multisource assessment system? Advances in Health Sciences Education.



August 2023

Qulisy E, Dougherty G, Hothan K, Dandavino M. 2023. Modernizing Journal Club to Teach Evidence-Based Practice. Medical Education.

Laverdure M, Gomez-Garibello C, Snell L. 2023. Residents as Medical Coaches. Journal of Surgery Education. 80(8):1067-1074.

Harley JM, Bilgic E, Lau C, Gorgy A, Marchand H, Lajoie SP, Lavoie-Tremblay M, Cassar M, Fried G. 2023. Nursing students reported more positive emotions about training during COVID-19 after using a virtual simulation paired with an in-person simulation. Clinical Nursing Simulation.

Vanstone M, Correia R, Howard M, Darling E, Bayrampour H, Carruthers A, Davis A, Hadid D, Hetherington E, Jones A, Kandasamy S, Kuyvenhoven C, Liauw J, McDonald SD, Mniszak C, Molinaro ML, et al. 2023. How do perceptions of Covid-19 risk impact pregnancy-related health decisions? A convergent parallel mixed-methods study protocol. PLOS One. 18(8):e0288952

Marcotte A, Mascarella MA, Nguyen LH, Nemeth J. 2023. Just the facts: indications and techniques for emergency tracheotomy. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 25(8):653-655.

Zaccagnini M, Bussières A, Kim S, Nugus P, West A, Thomas A. 2023. What scholarly practice means to respiratory therapists: An interpretive description study. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

Ataman R, Thomas A, Roberge-Boa J, McKerral M, Auger C, et al. 2023. Measurement properties of the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI-4) and related measures: A systematic review. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 104(8):1300-1313.

Zaccagnini M, Bussières A, Mak S, Boruff J, West A, Thomas A. 2023. Scholarly practice in healthcare professions: Findings from a scoping review. Advances in Health Science Education Theory and Practice. 28(3)973-996.

Thomas A, Ellaway RH. 2023. Whose problem is it anyway? Confronting myths of ‘problems’ in health professions education. Medical Education. 57(8):706-711.

Alghazawi N, Young M, Mascarella MA, Aldea A, LeBlanc G, Nguyen LH. 2023. Delineating Blurred Lines: The Experiences of Defining Core Competencies in Canadian Surgical Residency Programs. Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 15(4):432-435.


September 2023

Masters K, Correia R, Nemethy K, Benjamin J, Carver T, MacBeill H. 2023. Online learning in health professions education. Part 2: Tools and practical application: AMEE Guide No. 163. Medical Teacher. Online ahead of print.

Koopman WJ, LaDonna KA, Kinsella EA, Venance SL, Watling CJ. 2023. Archetypes of incomplete stories in chronic illness medical encounters. Patient Education and Counseling. Online ahead of print.

Yamurigaye A, Wylie L, Kinsella EA, Donelle L, Ndayisenga JP. 2023. Interprofessional collaborative experience among healthcare professionals providing emergency obstetric and neonatal care in Rwanda: A qualitative case study. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 32:1006-1048.

Reiter-Campeau S, Lubarsky S, Chalk CH, Buyukkurt A, Levesque-Roy M, Clouatre A, Benea D, Rahman T, Moore F. 2023. Education Research: Qualitative Assessment of Virtual Teaching of a Neurological Examination to Students Reveals Importance of Technique, Process, and Documentation. Neurology Education. 2(3).

Yee Chan C, Amirali Karmali S, Arulanandam B, Nguyen LHP. 2023. Cholesteatoma in Congenital Aural Atresia and External Auditory Canal Stenosis: A Systematic Review. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery. 169(3)449-453.

Noel GPJC. 2023. Evaluation AI-powered text-to-image generators for anatomical illustration: A comparative study. Anatomical Sciences Education.

Thomas A, Amari F, Mylopoulos M, Vachon B, Menon A, Rochette A. 2023. Being and becoming an evidence-based practitioner: Occupational therapists’ journey toward expertise. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 77(5).

Lewis LD, Steinert Y. 2023. Exploring the culture of faculty development: insights from Canadian leaders of faculty development. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 14(4):15-24.

Steinert Y, Nimmon L, Buckley H. 2023. When I don’t say … ‘Patients’. Medical Education.

Dory V, Wagner M, Cruess R, Cruess S, Young M. 2023. If we assess, will they learn? Students’ perspectives on the complexities of assessment-for-learning. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 14(4):94-104.

Schachter K, Tritt A, Young M, Hier J, Kay-Rivest E, LeBlanc G, Nguyen LHP. 2023. The race that never slows: Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery residency applicant parameters over time. Canadian Medical Education Journal.


October 2023

Archer R, Kinsella EA. 2023. Phronesis in Veterinary Medicine: Navigating the Complexity of Practice with Wisdom. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education. 50(5):526-529.

Lattuca M, Maratta D, Beffert U, Chevrier A, Winer L. 2023. Healthcare AI: A Revised Quebec Framework for Nursing Education. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education. 9(3).

Harrison HF, Kinsella EA, Loftus S, 2023. Nurturing a trusting learning community: perceptions of relationships in a health professions education peer mentorship program. International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education. Online ahead of print.

Wang C, McWatt SC. 2023. Visuospatial ability and student approach to learning as predictors of academic performance on written versus laboratory-based assessments in human anatomy. Anatomical Sciences Education. 16(6):1187-1199.

Jabbary AF, McBain K, Chen L, O’Brien J, Noel GPJC. 2023. Comparison between pre-mortem and post-mortem cadaveric images for use with augmented reality headsets during dissection. Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy.

Tackett S, Steinert Y, Mirabel S, Reed DA, Wright SM. 2023. Using group concept mapping to explore medical education’s blind spots. Teaching and Learning in Medicine.

D‘Arienzo D, Xu S, Shahid A, Meloche D, Hebert J, Dougherty G, Li P, Sternszus R. 2023. Evaluating the feasibility and outcomes of a resident-led school-based pediatric clinic. Paediatrics and Child Health. 28(6):349-356

Giroux CM, Kim S, Sikora L, Bussières A, Thomas A. 2023. Social media as a mechanism of dissemination and knowledge translation among health professions educators: A scoping review. Advances in Health Sciences Education Theory and Practice. Online ahead of print.


November 2023

Cheng A, Molinaro M, Ott M, et al. 2023. Set Up to Fail? Barriers Impeding Resident Communication Training in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Academic Medicine.

Molinaro ML, Shen K, Agarwal G, Inglis G, Vanstone M. 2023. “You’re doing everything you possibly could do, and you know it’s not enough”: Family physician narratives of moral distress. British Journal of General Practice.

Sternszus R, Slattery NK, Cruess RL, Cate OT, Hamstra SJ, Steinert Y. 2023. Contradictions and Opportunities: Reconciling Professional Identity Formation and Competency-Based Medical Education. Perspectives on Medical Education. 12(1):507-516.

Kuhlmann N, Robert J, Thomas A, Blain-Moraes S. 2023. Piece of mind: Presenting the lived experience and scientific research of Parkinson’s Disease through an artistic lens. Leonardo, MIT Press Direct.

Leep HA, Schumacher DJ, Fung CC, Sukhera J, Young ME, Balmer DF. 2023. Picking Up Where The Authors Left Off: Reading Research in Medical Education. Academic Medicine. 98(11):S1-S5.

Sukhera J, Ölveczky D, Colbert-Getz J, Fernandez A, Ho MJ, Ryan MS, Young ME. 2023. Digging deeper, zooming out: Reimaging legacies in medical education. Academic Medicine. 98(11S):S6-S9.


December 2023

Slominska A, Kinsella EA, Sandal S. 2023. Shifting the focus from managing the failing kidney allograft to supporting the patient with a failing kidney allograft. Kidney International. 104(6):P1227.

Ahmed S, Ataman R, McKerrell M, Roberge-Dao J, Auger C, Wittich W, Talla PK, Boychuck Z, Thomas A. 2023. Response to letters to the editor on: “Measurement properties of the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI-4) and related measures: A systematic review.” Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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