Faculty and Staff

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Current Faculty and Staff

Faculty members

Donal P. Hanley – Associate Professor and Interim Director

Ram Jakhu - Professor

Brian Havel - Professor Emeritus

Armand de Mestral - Professor Emeritus

Paul Dempsey - Professor Emeritus

Martine de Serres - Adjunct Professor

Paul Fitzgerald - Adjunct Professor

Andrew Harakas - Adjunct Professor

Peter Nesgos - Adjunct Professor

John Saba - Adjunct Professor

Francis Schubert - Adjunct Professor

Peter van Fenema - Adjunct Professor

Ludwig Weber - Adjunct Professor

Yaw Nyampong - Adjunct Professor

Current Sessional Lecturers

George Petsikas - Sessional Lecturer

Joseph Wilson - Sessional Lecturer


Stefan-Michael Wedenig - Executive Director

office.iasl [at] mcgill.ca (Maria D'Amico) - Senior Administrative Coordinator

Sonia De Riggi - Senior Administrative Coordinator

Tel.: 514-398-5095
Fax: 514-398-8197

Past Directors

  • John Cobb Cooper (Eminent US Jurist and Legal Adivsor to IATA) 1951-1955
  • Dr Eugène Pépin (former Director of the Legal Bureau of ICAO) 1955-1959;
  • Mr Alfred Beatty Rosevear QC (former General Counsel at Trans Canada Air Lines, predecessor of Air Canada) 1959-1962;
  • Prof Maxwell Cohen OC, QC (Professor at McGill Faculty of Law) 1962-1965;
  • Sir Francis Vallat QC (former Legal Advisor in the British Foreign Office) 1965-1966;
  • Prof Edward McWhinney QC (Professor at McGill Faculty of Law and former Member of Parliament, Canada) 1966-1971;
  • Dr Ivan A. Vlasic (graduate of the IASL and Professor at McGill Faculty of Law) 1971 - 1975;
  • Prof Dr Nicolas Mateesco Matte OC, QC, FRSC (former Professor at the Université de Montréal; Visiting Professor and Research Director at the IASL, assisted by Dr Jean-Louis Magdelénat) 1975-1989;
  • Dr Michael Milde (former student and Lecturer at the IASL; former Director of the Legal Bureau of ICAO) 1989-1998;
  • Dr Armand de Mestral (Professor at McGill's Faculty of Law) 1998 and Interim Director until 2000;
  • Prof Paul S. Dempsey (former student at the IASL; Tomlinson Chair in Global Governance in Air and Space Law) 2000-2016;
  • Prof Ram S. Jakhu (former student and Associate Professor ) 2016-2017; 2020-2022 (Acting Director)
  • Prof Brian F. Havel 2017-2022; and
  • Prof Donal Hanley 2022-present (Interim Director)


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