Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability and Insurance

Each year, the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law organises the McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability and Insurance.

This event brings together world-leading aviation liability and insurance experts to address recent trends, issues and developments relating to aviation liability and insurance, and is a recognised opportunity for networking between attorneys, insurers, air carriers, manufacturers and governmental representatives. Panels of distinguished speakers and experts address a variety of topics and subject-matters, including recent case law relating to the Warsaw System / Montreal Convention 1999, the liability of airlines, airports, maintenance providers & ANSPs, consumer protection and regulation, and accident investigation.

The McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability and Insurance has been organised for over a decade, and have been held in Montreal and the following locations: 

2008       Toulouse
2009       Montreal
2010       Amsterdam
2011       Montreal
2012       London
2013       Montreal
2014       London
2015       Montreal
2016       Edinburgh
2017       Montreal

We invite you look at our past conferences and keep an eye out for the next rendition of this important gathering of world experts on aviation liability and insurance.

The 2018 conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland on 19-20 October 2018, and is organised together with the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers.


The preliminary version of the programme is now available.