Impact of the Global Space Governance Study

To date, the Global Space Governance Study has attracted worldwide recognition as being an innovative and necessary endeavour.

The brainchild behind the idea of the concept of re-examining and assessing the "global space governance" structure is the McGill Centre for Research in Air and Space Law's Director Professor Ram Jakhu.  Further, in recognition of the contribution and potential influence of the Study, the introductory remarks of the pending publication are penned by Mr. David Kendall (Chair of UNCOPUOS 2016-2017) and Dr. Simonetta di Pippo (Director of UNOOSA). The book edited by Ram Jakhu and Joseph Pelton, titled The International Study on Global Space Governance, will be published in the Spring of 2017 by Springer Press.

Participants at the 10th United Nations Workshop on Space Law "Contribution of Space Law and Policy to Space Governance and Space Security in the 21st Century", where the Global Space Governance Study was presented (source: UNOOSA)
The Study, as well as some of its preliminary findings, have been presented at various international fora, including at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) before diplomats and influential stakeholders in the space law and policy community. In recognition of the Study's impact and influence on the future of space activities and outer space in general, the findings of the Global Space Governance Study is highly anticipated to lay down much of the groundwork and impetus for the UNISPACE+50 conference in 2018. The findings of the Study, particularly due to the input of highly-recognised experts, professionals and stakeholders in the space domain, will provide effective guidance and contribute meaningfully to the objective of "Space as a driver for socio-economic sustainable development".

For these reasons, the Fifth Manfred Lachs International Conference on Global Space Governance, at which the findings of the Study will be presented, will be organised in association with UNOOSA in May 2017.







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