Manfred Lachs Conferences on Space Law

Canadian Ambassador (Ret) Paul Meyer posing a question to speakers at a Manfred Lachs Conference on Space Law.
Over the past few years, a major focus on the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law has been research in strengthening the rule of law and governance in outer space.

2013 marked the inauguration of the annual Manfred Lachs Conference on Space Law, which provides academics, government officials, experts, stakeholders in the space domain with a neutral platform for conducting exchanges and discussions on a variety of issues relating to space governance. The Manfred Lachs Conferences have been organised in collaboration with stakeholder institutions such as the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the Canadian Space Agency, the Secure World Foundation and the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS), and with support from the Erin JC Arsenault Foundation.

To date, the following Manfred Lachs Conferences have been held:

Papers presented at and the proceedings of the Manfred Lachs Conferences have been peer-reviewed and published as part of the Monograph Series of the Centre.

We invite you look at our past conferences and keep an eye out for the next rendition of this important gathering of experts, academics and stakeholders in the space domain.





Conflicts in Space: Preventable or Unavoidable?

Montreal, Canada

15 May 2019

La Citadelle Residence



If you are interested in attending the event, kuan-wei.chen [at] (subject: Symposium%20%22Conflcits%20in%20Space%3A%20Preventable%20or%20Unavoidable%3F%22%2C%2015%20May%202019) (please RSVP).



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