IASL Associate Director attends Cape Town Convention Conference in Cambridge

Published: 7 October 2023

On 27 September, IASL Associate Director, Prof. Donal Hanley presented a paper on Leasing and the Cape Town Convention at the Cape Town Convention Academic Conference hosted by Professor Louise Gullifer at Jesus College, Cambridge, together with Professor Ignacio Tirado, Secretary General of UNIDROIT and Jeffrey Wool, Secretary General of the Aviation Working Group. The presentation was followed by commentaries from Ravi Nath of RNC Legal, Nitin Sarin of Sarin & Co., and Professor Charles Mooney of University of Pennsylvania Law School. 

"We are proud of our colleague, Prof. Donal Hanley" the two Co-Directors, Prof. Harrington and Prof. Correia said. "His presentation at the Cape Town Convention Academic Project underlines his expertise in Aviation Finance and we are pleased that he shares his wealth of knowledge with our students" they added.

Pictured is Sir Roy Goode signing a copy of his Official Commentary to the Cape Town Convention.

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