13th McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability, Insurance and Finance

Friday, April 21, 2023toSaturday, April 22, 2023
Paris, FR







About the Conference

This event will bring together world-leading aviation liability, insurance & finance experts to address, inter alia, the following topics:

  • Recent Developments in Aviation Liability
  • Air Carrier Passenger Liability and Comparative Jurisprudence under the Warsaw System and the Montreal Convention of 1999
  • Products Liability of Manufacturers of Aircraft, Engines & Component Parts
  • Liability of Airports and ANSPs
  • Air Cargo Liability
  • Governmental Liability for Aviation Accidents and Acts of Terrorism
  • Litigation Strategy: Procedural Tools
  • Damages: Economic & Non-Economic
  • State Regulation & Litigation
  • Aircraft Leasing and Finance
  • The Challenges of Settlement and Emerging Insurance Issues

In addition, the Conference will host a luncheon and reception/dinner-dance to facilitate networking between attorneys, insurers, air carriers, manufacturers and governmental representatives.

The Conference will take place at Les Salons Hoche (9 Av Hoche, 75008 Paris, France)

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