Negotiation meetings with AGSEM invigilators

Published: 30Sep2015

Following the previous meeting on July 14, the parties met on September 15 to discuss the Union’s rights, the job posting clause, employment applications, and the selection and appointment of...

Conciliation Meeting with Floor Fellows on September 11

Published: 30Sep2015

In order to move negotiations forward, the parties continued discussions that had begun on July 3 regarding the counting of hours worked. The parties discussed what, in their respective views,...

Meeting with AMUSE (Casual Employees)

Published: 30Sep2015

The parties met twice, on September 18 and 25. Discussions were focused on the grievance and arbitration process, and on the clause regarding discrimination and harassment. Significant progress was...

Global offer to be presented to TAs by Oct. 2

Published: 9Sep2015

The parties met on September 1, 2015 in the presence of a conciliator appointed by the Ministry of Labour. This was the first meeting after the summer break. The parties continued several...

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Published: 23Jun2015

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Start of negotiations with AGSEM invigilators

Published: 22Jun2015

The first meeting was held on June 12.  The parties introduced their respective negotiating teams. They exchanged their set of proposals and discussed how the bargaining process should unfold. The...

McGill’s postdoctoral fellows now unionized

Published: 19Jun2015

McGill’s postdoctoral fellows received their accreditation from the Commission des relations du travail on June 9, 2015. They become the third bargaining unit of AMURE/PSAC, which already includes...

HR website being revamped

Published: 9Jun2015

The Human Resources website is in the process of being updated.  Close to 600 web pages are being reviewed and removed where the information is obsolete.  While this work is being done, the website...

Conciliation meetings with AMUSE floor fellows on May 27 and 29

Published: 4Jun2015

Since the last meeting on March 20, the parties met for the first time in the presence of the conciliator appointed by the Department of Labour. The conciliator invited the parties to present their...