HBHL Trainee Committee

The HBHL Trainee Committee consists of volunteer graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who have received HBHL Fellowships.

The committee organizes monthly Trainee Get-Togethers and an annual Research Day.

Committee members develop leadership, project management, networking, communication skills and more through hands-on experience.

In addition, they receive specialized mentorship and training sessions.


2018-2019 HBHL Trainee Committee Members

Name Status Committee role
Hovy Ho Wai Wong Postdoctoral fellow President
Kaitlyn Easson MSc student Lead Communications Officer
Emma MacDougall MSc student Communications Officer
Ross Markello PhD student Lead Sponsorships Officer
Maral Yeganeh Doost Postdoctoral fellow Sponsorships Officer
Laura Estefany Suarez PhD student Sponsorships Officer
Gina M Kemp PhD student Lead Get-Together Chair
Rana Ghafouri-Azar MSc student Get-Together Chair
Christopher Lafferty MSc student Get-Together Chair
Stephanie Scala PhD student Lead Research Day Chair
Manesh Girn MSc student Research Day Chair
Andrew Bayne PhD student Research Day Chair
Amanda McFarlan PhD student Research Day Chair


Past HBHL Trainee Committee Members


Name Status Committee role

Kaitlyn Easson

MSc student


Gregory Kiar

PhD student


Elizaveta Solomonova

Postdoctoral fellow



The HBHL Trainee Committee can be contacted at hbhl.trainees [at] mcgill.ca.