Lady Davis Institute

Lady Davis Institute (LDI) of Medical Research

The Lady Davis Institute (LDI) is the research arm of the Montreal Jewish General Hospital (JGH), one of the teaching hospitals of McGill. Modern and fully equipped, the LDI is among Canada’s leading medical research institutions, specializing in cancer, hemovascular diseases, epidemiology, diseases of aging, HIV/AIDS, and psychosocial science. The LDI boasts over 200 affiliated researchers, 175 graduate students, and over 50 postdocs.

Research opportunities

Principal investigators are grouped under four research axes: Cancer (Segal Cancer Centre), Clinical Epidemiology, Molecular and Regenerative Medicine, and Psychosocial Aspects of Disease.

The LDI’s Research Core Facilities provide competent technological support and services to the research community and enable access to high-end, cutting-edge techniques and consultative services. Additionally, the LDI offers resources and support to their postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. There are also opportunities to apply for travel awards and salary support and employment.

Visit the LDI website to learn more about their research labs, Principal Investigators, and trainees. We also invite you to also check out the LDI’s research highlights.

How to apply

Prospective students can apply for entry through a graduate program at McGill. LDI researchers are affiliated with many academic departments at McGill, including: Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, Experimental Medicine, Human Genetics, Integrated Program in Neuroscience, Microbiology and Immunology, Neurology & Neuroscience, Physiology, and Psychiatry.

  1. Identify a researcher you would like to work with.
  2. Contact them directly to inquire about pursuing graduate studies in their lab.
  3. Find out if you meet the requirements specified in the affiliated department at McGill. You will apply to the program where your supervisor has an appointment, and each department has its own admission requirements.
  4. Consult your potential supervisor or the Graduate Program Coordinator of the McGill department for guidance when applying. Here are some tips for settling on the right supervisor for you.

Please be advised that the LDI does not directly process applications for graduate studies at McGill. Please contact the affiliated department you are applying to for more information.

To access prospective graduate student events and pre-recorded information sessions, please visit our events webpage.

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