Responsibilities of postdoctoral researchers

Postdocs’ responsibilities entail that they:

*Additional important research guidelines, policies and resources, including those pertaining to research progress tracking, intellectual property and research ethics/safety, should also be consulted. The information outlined applies to both graduate students and postdoctorals. 

Responsibilities of supervisors & departments/academic units

Please see the Faculty/Staff section for a complete breakdown of the responsibilities of supervisors and departments/units as they pertain to postdoctoral education.

Conflict resolution

Failure on the part of the postdoc or supervisor to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments is considered to be a breach of the Letter of Agreement. Any issues or conflicts that may arise between a supervisor and postdoc, including those that require disciplinary action, should be dealt with in essentially the same matter as similar issues would be dealt with for graduate students.

  • The supervisor and postdoc should meet to endeavour resolving the issue.
  • If unresolved, the Graduate Program Director and/or Department Chair should be consulted.
  • If the matter requires further action, the Office of the Dean or the Office of the Ombudsperson should be contacted.

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