Resources for Postdocs

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McGill has many resources on offer for McGill postdocs! Learn about the resources available to support your health, recreation, research, and academic and professional development below.  

Professional Development

McGill has many resources to support your academic and professional development as a postdoc including:


As a postdoc, you also have access to memberships in: 

Research Resources

All postdocs have access to McGill research resources including: 

On-campus Benefits

  • Postdocs may be listed in the McGill directory. IT Services will grant postdocs e-mail privileges on the same basis as graduate students upon presentation of an I.D. card.
  • Postdocs are granted access to athletic facilities upon presentation of their I.D. card. A “staff” fee will be charged on an annual or term basis.
  • Student Health Services are available to postdocs (with the exception of unionized postdoc researchers) on an opt-in basis. Fees are applicable.

Learn more about the wide variety of facilities, amenities, services and resources that McGill has to offer by visiting McGill's student resources and services directory


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