Welcome Week & Orientation

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Welcome to McGill!

We are happy to welcome you on campus in Fall 2022. McGill Welcome Week and Orientation is your opportunity to get to know McGill University, meet new friends, explore Montreal and kick off your first year at McGill University! There are sub-pages in this section with everything you need to know about: 

Trying to plan your arrival date in Montreal? Here are some key dates:   

  • Move-in week on the Downtown Campus will be from Saturday August 20 until Friday August 26. 

  • For Macdonald Campus activities, move-in weekend will be on Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21Mac Campus Orientation and Frosh will take place from August 22- 30. Check the Faculty's orientation webpage for more information.

For more information on Move-in please visit the Student Housing Website

  • This year, we’re also offering a special Welcome Back to Campus event for returning students on Tuesday August 30, including a service fair, workshops and an open house of the Brown Student Services building, food and more!  


Not sure where to get the latest regarding COVID at McGill, check https://www.mcgill.ca/coronavirus/


Frosh happens from August 25 to 29, 2022 on the Downtown campus, and from August 22 to 30, 2022 at Mac Campus. including fun, multi-day events run by student organizations to help you make connections on campus. Faculty Froshes are exclusive to students who have been accepted into a given faculty.  There are also non-Faculty Froshes available to students. For registration and payment please visit the Frosh Event website.

Are you an international student?

Check the International Students Services’ pre-arrival webinars page and orientation page where you may find useful additional information.

Are you an indigenous student starting at McGill in fall 2022?

Want to connect with resources available on campus, reach out to the First Peoples’ House

Equity at McGill

As you start at McGill, discover our equity programming available to all students. Our educational workshop series help create spaces in which students are empowered to foster inclusive and equitable living and learning environments on campus. Visit the Teaching and Learning Services website for more information


If you are looking for accessibility information on McGill buildings, consult the campus access guides.

Access Allies are dispersed throughout each Faculty Frosh and will be identifiable by the “Access Allies” badges they will be wearing. Access Allies are Frosh Leaders and O-Staff who are trained more extensively on how to support accessibility and mental health during Frosh, from providing listening services to identifying accessibility barriers and troubleshooting accessibility needs. 

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