The Data Valorisation axis of the Unité de Soutien SSA Québec has begun its work. The platform is housed in the McGill University Department of Family Medicine. Under the direction of Tracie Barnett and co-direction of Tibor Schuster and Pierre Pluye, the role of this platform is to respond to researchers’ needs regarding advanced methodological approaches and techniques for planning, conducting and assessing Patient Oriented Research (POR).

To this end, the platform has four functions:
• Information surveillance of POR methods and methodological trends
• Adaptation of pertinent POR methods
• Creation of new POR methods when no relevant method exists
• POR instrumentation design

The platform will begin with four rapid methodological developments (showcase):
• Guidelines for planning, implementing and evaluating participatory POR with health organizations
• Guidance for mixing qualitative and quantitative POR data and results
• A decision aid for choosing a critical appraisal tool for systematic literature reviews of POR studies
• Statistical analysis techniques for correcting biases caused by classification errors and missing data in POR

The platform will mobilise and collaborate with methodological experts from the scientific communities in Quebec, Canada, and internationally.

To speak with the team about your methodological needs, contact the platform coordinator: paula.bush [at] (Paula Bush), PhD, Department of Family Medicine.

For more information, please consult

Tracie Barnett, Director
Tibor Schuster, Co-director
Pierre Pluye, Co-director
Paula Bush, Associate Director
André Nguyen, Administrative Assistant




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