Information Technology Primary Care Research Group (ITPCRG)

Inaugurated in 2007, the ITPCRG promotes and encourages research and teaching of health informatics in primary care. Our purpose is to support research and research capacity-building for addressing complex interventions using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. ITPCRG researchers supervise graduate students (MSc and PhD) as well as postdoctoral fellows.

ITPCRG researchers developed and validated the Information Assessment Method (IAM). The IAM ( is a popular tool to systematically document a health professional’s reflection on the relevance, use and health benefits associated with clinical information, either delivered by or retrieved from online resources.

In addition, the IAM helps document reflective learning, which is at the base of continuing education in the health professions. The IAM enhances continuing education through stimulation of reflective learning, evaluation of resources, and two-way knowledge exchange between information users and providers. Thousands of Canadian physicians and pharmacists routinely use the IAM for assessing synopses of research-based clinical information. For example, in 2006 the Canadian Medical Association implemented an IAM-based program that allows physicians to earn Continuing Education credit for each POEM® they rate, using the IAM questionnaire. Since 2012, more than one thousand completed IAM questionnaires are submitted each day, by physicians and pharmacists.

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Meet group members

- Roland Grad

- Pierre Pluye

- Gillian Bartlett

- Charo Rodriguez

- Martin Dawes

- Janique Johnson-Lafleur

- Michael Shulha

- Vera Granikov

- Ivan Ricarte

- Cristiane Galvao

- David Tang


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