Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM)

Recherche participative à l'Université McGill

Our Vision: Researchers working in partnerships with those affected by issues being studied, or those who must use the results, for the purpose of creating and translating knowledge for action or change in health practice or policy, or individual, community or population health.

Our Mission: To further scholarship and promote the knowledge, expertise and training for participatory research and community engagement in health care. Participatory Research is an approach to conducting research where researchers are in partnership with the intended users of the research - which may be patients, health professionals, organizations, policy makers, community members or entire communities. The Royal Society of Canada has defined participatory research as systematic investigation, with the collaboration of those affected by the issue being studied, for purposes of education and taking action or effecting social change. The equally important goals of participatory research are to answer important health questions and benefit the partners in the research process, while developing valid knowledge that is applicable to other settings. Furthermore, participatory research integrates knowledge translation (KT) by involving those who need to act on the results as full partners throughout the process. 



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