The Child Labour Evidence to Action Research (CLEAR) collaboration

What is the CLEAR Collaboration?

Dr. Anne Andermann, Co-Founder & Director of the CLEAR Collaboration and Author of Evidence for Health: From Patient Choice to Global Policy, describes the goals of CLEAR Collaboration.

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The CLEAR Toolkit

The toolkit guides health workers in: a) Treating the immediate health problem, b) Asking about underlying social problems, c) Referring to local social support services, and d) Advocating for more supportive environments.

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CLEAR project combats hazardous child labour

Almost 20% of the world's children under 18 years are working, often in hazardous jobs in the informal sector, to help support their vulnerable families. This situation perpetuates multigenerational health inequities.

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Reaching out to disadvantaged populations

Child labour was chosen as the focus point for this project since it’s at the heart of the intergenerational cycle of health inequities in many low- and middle-income countries.

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Co-Founder and Director of CLEAR Collaboration named a Canadian Rising Star In Global Health

Dr. Anne Andermann was selected for her innovative approach to breaking the cycle of entrenched intergenerational health inequities using child labour as an entry point.

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Helping health workers address the social causes of poor health

To make a real impact on improving health it is necessary to address the underlying social causes of poor health. Yet, many frontline health workers feel helpless and frustrated by the social and economic challenges that their patients encounter in their daily lives. With the generous support of a Canadian Rising Stars grant from Grand Challenges Canada, we conducted research in Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Niger with a focus on child labour as an entry point to better understand how health workers can address the social causes of poor health. The result of this work is the CLEAR toolkit, the first training tool developed to provide community health workers in low and middle income countries with practical skills on how to take a broader view when treating patients. Our research confirms that this innovation is welcomed by frontline health workers who consider that such training and support is critical for being able to address the underlying causes of poor health.

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What We Do

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Making an Impact

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CLEAR Toolkit 2.0

CLEAR Toolkit version 2.0 is ready for piloting and testing with frontline healthcare workers, for a preview please contact anne.andermann [at] (Dr. Anne Andermann)

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